Victory Center Virginia is a non-profit (501C3) organization devoted to bringing transportation to Veterans and their Families.

NOTE: We are currently searching for one or more individuals (Veteran or Non-Veteran wanting to assist Veterans), to take over our complete site and the non-profit (501C3) organization itself. All of the basics are already done, IRS filings and Virginia filings complete, and web site(s) paid up for almost a year. This offer is made in the hopes that others would like to help Veterans and their families but do not want the expense and time and energy it takes to get the organization up and running. This is a complete turnkey offer. All one needs to do is change some of the Virginia State Corporation Commission names of those who would now be in management. We will help in any way we can including walking through the paperwork, filings, and software base.

This also includes the site which is a fully functional ride share program for Veterans and their family members to find and share rides to and from VA Hospitals and other locations.

We have a computer, printer, bar code scanner (for use as Point-of-Sale for merchandise), an 8 by 10 enclosed trailer, and some military merchandise and other misc items. No cost transfer of all to new manager(s). 
If you are interested please send me an email at It may take a day or two for me to respond since I am in the process of moving and may be traveling for those 1-2 days.

Thank you and god Bless!