Is My God Too Small?


More than four decades ago one of the dearest friends I have ever had the pleasure of knowing gave me a book which I must profess I have never read. The title of that book, not the pages inside, I have thought about nearly every day since I received it. My memory says it was titled “Is Your God Too Small?” I have researched this title and now find it was actually “Your God Is Too Small”.

This title has helped guide me through a myriad of life situations. More than that it has strengthened my relationship with my Creator I chose to call God and has provided me with a spiritual way of living that everyday surprises me with new adventures, new hopes, new dreams and new people to help and love.

I have to admit that when I was given this book I had a God I thought had left me alone because of the ways I felt and acted. At that time I was not an Atheist but most assuredly an Agnostic.  If anything my God at that time was very small indeed for I would give God no credit for things that went my way and blame God for things I did not get just because I thought they were due to me.

Over these last decades my God has grown. OK, my concept of my God has grown. I now understand that God has always been there for me. I was never alone except in my own ego driven mind. Once I consistently asked God for help and started to see the positive results of living that type of life, God has grown in statue and my need for guidance and help has gone from a simple belief to faith that God could do great things for everyone else but not for me to a faith the God was actually doing those same great things for me.  The last stage was that of having trust in my God that when I asked for help it would be provided.

The ideas I present in the following writing is based on another question a new friend of mine asked me one day not long ago. What is Heaven going to be like, really? AT about the same time and within days of being asked that question another dear friend put me on to the great Christian author Hugh Ross and his Reasons To Believe Ministry. I found some of the answers to the question about Heaven while reading Hugh’s books. Then one day I came upon a new article in a science magazine about Einstein’s “Spooky at a distance” problem and how two scientists had come about trying to prove how particles are intertwined across space and time. Within weeks another article reflected on new evidence that a particle could be intertwined with many other particles.

A thought came to me that perhaps these intertwined particles could be a way we humans transverse the boundary between human life and this unknown but much wished for eternity called Heaven. I must admit at this point that what I have written is not a theory but merely conjecture. Some scientist will probably take out his calculator and computer and prove that this is all impossible. That is fine by me. What I think of what will happen after I pass into my non-human form gives me peace. More than that is the basic fact that my conjectures give a positive and uplifting eternity to look forward to.

I hope that some who read this will ask themselves the same question my friend of long ago asked me “Is Your God Too Small?” My belief is that something is waiting to hear from you and guide you.



Chapter One

Bridging the Gap between a Cosmos without Boundaries

And What we Humans see and Know now

The Great Architect reviewed what had been created and the multitudes of tasks and events that had been accomplished thus far and there was a great disturbance within.  It seemed as if only a few short periods since the start of the great experiment. Now that experiment was in danger of being corrupted and torn apart. What to do?

At first this great experiment looked exciting and worthy of the Architect’s work and effort. A vast wilderness of dark black empty space had been provided. This wilderness had no beginning and no end. There was no center and no boundaries. This wilderness was not gigantic or massive like what we humans call our universe. The wilderness may have been less than the size of a pin point. It is difficult to conceive of this wilderness because time and space had not yet occurred. There was only a fabric of small intertwined particles that helped to delineate the few differing areas of the wilderness. Each of these particles was held together to the next in line particle by an invisible force that seemed to keep them together as if they formed a net.

Into each of these areas a Junior Architect had been provided whose sole purpose was to keep everything within its portion of the wilderness intact and growing in safety and logic according to the dictates of the Great Architect. Although these areas were differing in size and shape they also moved around their boundaries at will. One would push one way and the adjacent area would give way. It all seemed to work seamlessly with no one area or area entity ever challenging another.

That is until after eons of growth, (a term gathered from what mankind thinks it knows about time before there was time), one of the Junior Architects made a move that evoked consternation in the Great Architect. One of the Junior Architects started to call on other junior architects to refuse to do what the Great Architect wanted. What was this? The Great Architect had not known of such a thing in the entire history (again, a mankind term to describe time in our understanding when there was no history because there was no time), of the Wilderness. Everything was to be done according to the Great Architect’s learning and will. Now something new had entered the realm of the Great Architect and it was disturbing.

In terms of our concept of time no one knows how long it took for there was no time or space dimensions as human kind knows of today. It may have been human years or perhaps a million or more years or eons. It does not matter for what had occurred was that one of the Junior Architects had broken rank, had dared to show by example that the Great Architect could be challenged. If this went on for too long the Great Architect would have to do something. But what was that to be?

As the Great Architect reviewed this vast wilderness of dark black space, now dotted occasionally by particles created and managed by the Junior Architects, the thought came. This one Junior Architect had caused too much damage and the next stage of the Great Experiment might be damaged or maybe not even get started. What was the one thing the Great Architect had never used before and which no Junior Architect had been apprised of? Would that one thing bring the deviant Junior Architect in line? If the Great Architect used this last resort would it help or destroy the Great Experiment?

That one thing was light. Not just the light of a small flame but everlasting light that could provide little if any hiding place for this Junior Architect to hide in. In consideration of providing this light to the vast wilderness, the Great Architect knew that with this new light would come new adventures, new particles, new things throughout the wilderness and finally that the wilderness would no longer be a wilderness.

The Great One chose a few small particles from each of the Junior Architects. Those particles were pressed together and thus heated until the forces within took over and the light came forward. Many periods would go by before mankind would provide a name for this event: The Big Bang.

I like the thoughts of some that say there are four phases of the universe.  Those phases could be cyclic and keep repeating themselves but with differing results to the next phase. If that is possible then we must be in phase 2, 3 or 4 since phase 1 has already played out (at least in this cycle.) This theory also tells us that the Big Bang was a transformation from one phase into another.  We can think of that as ice warming into water and warming more into steam. However, the main reasons I like this theory is that it allows for a Creator, the Great Architect, to exist in each of the four phases and to be in control of all.

I find it amazing that the Bible provides a consistent claim for this Great Architect and Creator. More than that is the very basic facts that the scientists, who like to inflate their egos by telling others that no one could be more intelligent than themselves, constantly prove the Bible correct.

The Bible most assuredly tells us that we know not of what the wilderness was like before God created the universe as we now know it.  It also lets us know that we will never know how the mind of God works, what the heavens are like then and now and in the next moment.  We are important but in the overall massiveness of space and time that God created for us, we are the only ones in the vastness of if that God loves unconditionally.

What puzzles me is how we human beings still think of our God as in and of a human form. We call God a male perhaps because we think that man is stronger and more creative than the female gender. Or is it that God knew at the beginning of time and space that mankind would not be able to understand the concept of an entity that had no time and no space boundaries.

My favorite author and scholar Hugh Ross in his book The Creator and the Cosmos brings into light the Bible verses that reflect the truth of the beginning of space and time at the moment of the Big Bang.

Isaiah 42:5 stated both properties of this event, a transcendent cosmic beginning a finite time ago and a universe undergoing a general expansion with the declaration “This is what God the Lord says – the Creator of the heavens, who stretches them out…

The Hebrew verb translated “created” in Isaiah 42:5 has a primary definition “bringing into existence something new, something that did not exist before.”

That God created the entirety of the heavens is stated seven times in the Old Testament (Genesis 1:1; 2:3; 2:4; Psalm 148:5; Isaiah 40:26; 42:5; 45:18).

Hebrews 11:3 states that the universe we human beings can measure and detect was made from that which we cannot measure or detect.

God alone was the agent for the existence of the universe is found in Isaiah 43:5-22; John 1:3, and Colossians 1:15-17.

God predated the universe and was actively involved in causing certain effects before the existence of the universe can be found in Colossians 1, Proverbs 8:22-31; John 17:24, Ephesians 1:4 2; Timothy1:9, Titus 1:2 and 1 Peter 1:20.




Chapter Two

The Great Architect puts the plan for a Bridge between Human Life and Heaven.

The Bible says that God created Heaven and Earth. That is absolutely true in the context of what mankind has been given knowledge of. The Bible also says that Man cannot fathom the extent of the Great Architect’s realm. It is beyond the mind of any human being to comprehend. It seems to follow then that when we talk of our Chief Architect or in abbreviated form God, it is from the human experience and knowledge we can glean from our new lighted universe.  In the Preface is a simple and perhaps entirely incorrect version of what happened before the Big Bang. I do not believe it is wrong in any sense to think about things like this or to even conjure up one’s own concept of what may have happened before space and time or as we call it “The Big Bang.”

What does matter is that somehow and at some time the black wilderness, without time and space, came alive. Everything that happened from that moment has led us to the moment in space and time where the human being was brought forth on the planet Earth. It was at that moment that destiny was written not just about mankind but about the battle between the good and bad, the devil and God.

As a scientist I follow closely what others in my community have to say about how the universe as we know it was created, who created it and even where and when and how it may end? I am particularly fascinated about what happens to each of us human beings when our mortal body is turned back to dust. In other words, what will heaven really be like?

I am fascinated by what other scientists have to say about the bible and the dawning of mankind. It is interesting to see how so many scientific “discoveries” almost always point back to what the Bible says about them. I am as certain as one can be that the hand of God , as I understand God, has only allowed humans an understanding of how the universe works when they have shown that they can handle the truth of it all. I am convinced that we humans now only a little and that we will never know all.

The Genesis of It All. I owe a great deal to people like Hugh Ross who so eloquently lays out the connections between the Bible and our scientific endeavors. I must admit that my knowledge is “synthetic” in that it has t do with electricity, electrons, computers and the bits and bytes reflecting yes/no and on/off or ones and zeros. But I do understand the concepts and the assumptions and theories behind most of the science being related to the genesis of the universe and where it is all going.

One item I see that has not been discussed and I believe may be a key element in getting a grasp on how we humans may be tied together in human form and the hereafter. In the last year of so scientific knowledge took a giant leap when the “spooky at a distance” statement by Einstein was given credence not once but many times by differing groups across the globe. What these experiments proved was that one particle turning at a high rate of seed in a left or fright rotation and be intertwined with another particle instantly at distances across the universe and at a speed exceeding that of the speed of light. The other particle would take the opposite rotation but be at the same speed.  Not much later others found that a particle could be intertwined with many particles.

I have pondered the significance of these intertwined particles. I wonder if those particles are able to pass data and information between the particles.  When do the particles actually come into being and when are these particles intertwined? Are the particles only part of the human experience or perhaps there are specific particles for specific entities such as pets, etc. Or maybe even extra-terrestrials?

I am not a physicist and my mathematical skills are well below even a sophomore math student.  But I can understand in general terms what the physicist try to explain about their theories. The moment I hear or read a physicist telling me that there is no God, no Creator, no Great Architect, I tune them out. I have seen what my God can do to and for us mere humans including myself. And to be honest, I would rather believe and trust in my God and then find out when my mortal body goes away that there is no God, than to ignore or deny God and then find out that there is such an entity.

So much for the deviation from how, perhaps, we humans are tied together for what we consider eternity. Once I considered the possibilities of each of us having at least one of those “spooky at a distant” particles within us, several questions arose.

  1. Are we born with this particle (or multiple particles)?
  2. If we are born with this particle then the particle is not from us but is transferred to us. That would mean that the particle existed before us.
  3. What if the particle is created at the time of conception? After all what happens to the female body at that moment of conception? Is there not a test now that proves that something happens at that moment and that we can actually measure it, test for it, and let the woman know she is now pregnant?
  4. If this particle is created what is it created from? If it is created from a woman’s body then perhaps scientists one day will be able to mimic that. I sincerely hope they do not.
  5. If this particle is created at conception then does it have the properties that Einstein thought were so spooky? Does it spin in one direction or another? Is the particle created in one woman spinning at the same speed and the same direction as all other particle being created?
  6. If this particle starts to spins does it immediately intertwine with another particle located somewhere throughout the cosmos?
  7. If this particle spins does it spins at the correct speed and direction to be able to make the intertwining possible?
  8. Where did these particles come from and who created them? Maybe it is that the particles are indeed created in the female human body at time of conception from a combination of chemicals in her body and chemicals from the male sperm? That would certainly answer the question of why such a particle is uniquely passed from the female of the human race into the body of the embryo whether male or female.
  9. I have to think and believe that each of use of the human race have one and only one such extremely unique particle. I look at it as similar but much more complicated than a Bluetooth device that can communicate with other Bluetooth devices at the same frequency yet still have a singular ID.


My head hurts! And now other scientists have come up with the possibility that a particle can be intertwined with multiple particles. Actually that is a great thought. After all does not every human being have others in their families who have gone before them into the vastness of the cosmos or into what we call Heaven?


Now it starts to make some sense to me. When I am conceived my particle, unique to me out of all the billions of human beings past, present and future is created. Dependent on the speed and angular velocity of my particle, there will be a small to large intertwining with the particles of those past and present family members.  Maybe that is why twins have so much connection with each other; their particles are intertwined in a manner that allows for a tighter and larger connection to each other.

But how do these particles actually communicate with each other? The scientists seem to be saying that they have an instant communication channel with another particle all the way across the cosmos. They can seemingly communicate at more than the speed of light which Einstein says is impossible. Of course it is within the realm of our universe as we see it. But remember that the first phase of the Universe, as it is now theorized, could have been so small that we could not have seen it and the universe could have been larger than what we see through our most powerful space telescopes. Yet because there was no space or time as we know it as humans, communication between particles through seemingly empty space was possible in less than a second of our time.

What if our universe as we can see it and understand it (as humans) contains more than we can imagine? Scientists tell us that there is dark matter and dark energy but we have never seen either one. Perhaps, just perhaps, dark matter is part of the “net” holding the Phase One Universe together. Maybe dark energy is the gentle hand directing every thought towards a purposeful objective? Perhaps there really is a folding universe where the opposite ends can touch each other thus enabling what seems like instant communications.

However the “spooky particle” communicates will be a long lasting puzzle. It will certainly take a long time, in our understanding, to come up with a new mathematical equation to express what dark matter, dark energy act and react and their impact on our visible universe is. At this point I am content to accept the theory that such particles do indeed exist and can therefore communicate instantly with others.

Next I start to think about how these particles pass along their information. Is there some encoding within each particle that allows an intertwined particle to relate to the other particle or particles?  This brings up more questions which we may have to wait for answers to.

  1. Does one particle have to rotate at an exact speed as the particle(s) they intertwine with? If not then how do such particle(s) know if they have intertwined with the correct particle(s)?
  2. Do all particles rotate at the 180 degree relationship with the intertwined particle(s)? If not then what is the minimum and maximum deviation between the two particles before the intertwining stops. For example can a particle whose rotation is 15 degrees to right of 90 degree axis and rotating at the same speed but in opposite direction, intertwine with a particle rotating at 70 degrees to right of 90 degrees?
  3. If a particle can intertwine with multiple particles. Do they all have to be with identical IDs or can they be from particles say of a cousin or even from a complete stranger? Again I think of the Bluetooth device with its frequency and impended code. Maybe, it is more like the coding of the Internet Protocol (IP) in which every message reflects who sent it (where it is from) and where it is to go. Of course this is assuming that such a protocol can handle the trillions of messages per microsecond (A wild guess from a human being).

Next question is “what are the messages these articles pass along between themselves and others?” It does not seem plausible that all of these particles simply turn and twist and intertwine with other particles just for fun or as part of a cosmic game of Tic-Tac-Toe. Here is where it gets really weird.

What if the only thing passed between these particles is a positive thought and feeling of belonging. Some may call this true love and that is a good way of looking at it. Others may call it a feeling of being connected to a Higher Power choosing out personal name for that power. Whatever it is it seems to be designed for us humans and not just at the time of our death or beyond that death.

How many of you have had dreams or even day thoughts of a loved one, family or friend that died? I have had both. Because of my walking a spiritual path through life (most days), I have come to look forward to those moments for they have become a way of remembering with love one of those special people in my mortal life. Where do these thoughts and memories come from? Maybe, just maybe, they are the thoughts from an intertwined particle that reaches us at exactly the moment it is needed. Then our human brain takes over and evokes a feeling. Perhaps it is our particle that sends a message to our intertwined particles that we need a thought or two from a loved one or even loved ones.

If those intertwined particles are revolving exactly opposite of our particles, then what happens to our particles upon death? Does that particle stop and turn in the opposite direction?  That was my first thought: Our personal particle spins at a certain speed in a certain direction until death and then it must stop and turn in the opposite direction and the same speed.  That seems to be way to complex. If anything, regardless of what a scientist may say, our universe is actually very simple. It follows simple rules. It is just that we have not yet been given the answer to our numerous questions about how it all works.

What would it look like if every human particle spun in whatever direction it was coded for at the moment of conception? Could it be that or DNA has a code for that direction and speed of spin of our particle? Does not our DNA have information already encoded in it that traces our lineage reflecting where we came from and who we were made from? Could all of this be that simple? Why not?

What is the human feeling these intertwined thoughts evoke in us?  This is perhaps a very personal feeling to every human. If one thinks of the new born child who just days into its life dies, then what possible feeling could it have? If they were blessed to be born to loving parent(s) they would have a feeling of love and of belonging. Even if they never had those loving parents of a nurse to hold them their particle, created at conception, would have the DNA of its parents and that of its ancestors. So they may not ever know what this thing we call love it. However they would have some small but significant feeling of belonging. That seems to be inherent in humans with the exception of those incapable of feelings.