Ride Share Virginia

One of the primary missions we had when we started Victory Center Virginia was to find rides for Veterans to the VA hospitals in and around Virginia. We know about some van and/or bus rides available at some locations and for some times. Some of these are handicap accessible but many are not.  We also looked into UBER and LYFT  but both of these (and many others mimicking them) cost the Veteran dollars, dollars they may now have especially for the sometimes long rides to and from a VA hospital. And most of these paid for rides are not out o=in the rural areas where so many of veterans live.

What we came up with is the VeteranRideShareVA.org, a web site that has a free ride sharing program. We do not take any money from anyone for its use and the drivers that make ride shares available do the same.

The system is so easy to use. If you are a driver with a vehicle that can hold at least one other veteran and are going to a VA hospital or medical center, post your ride share information on the site. Although we ask that you register we do not use any of the information you provide to anyone…period. It is up to you to provide enough ride information so that other veterans needing a ride on the same day to the same location (and back again) can hopefully connect with you directly.

Is you are a Veteran seeking a ride, you can search for a possible ride on the site. IF you find one you think may work out, you will be asked to register. Once again, we only use your information to be able to connect a rider with a driver.

As more and more drivers register and use the system more and more veterans will be able to ride share. Since this is a new system it will take some time to let people know about this free service. If you have any questions, we hope the site itself will answer them. If not please drop me a line at craigs@veteranrideshareva.org and I will respond as quickly as possible.