Victory Community Center

1. The Victory Center Virginia will provide activities for veterans and their families that help them heal, build camaraderie around a shared experience and connect with resources.
2. This will be accomplished through special events, seminars, volunteer opportunities, therapists, peer mentors, and opportunities for education and employment.
3. At the Victory Center Virginia, volunteers will host workshops in conjunction with local Colleges and Universities which will cover a variety of issues that veterans and military families face or need assistance with.
4. The seminars will be paired with activities from partners in the community to provide additional stress relieving mind and body exercises. All of these seminars and activities will be hosted at no charge to the veteran and their families.
5. The Victory Center Virginia will be run by a volunteer staff of veterans and veteran family members. A small staff of professionals in the areas of counseling, VA benefits, grief and loss, and PTSD will be available to assist where and when necessary for the benefit of the veteran and/or their family members.
6. Local veteran run and owned resources will be used wherever possible to address other needs of the veterans and their families. With more than 55,000 veterans in the general Fredericksburg area, the veteran owned and operated business and organizations can be an invaluable asset. The Victory Center Virginia will become the location where a veteran can find those local resources to benefit themselves and their families.
7. Our veteran society is very diverse. Many of our veterans have become successful in the business community. More and more we find that the veteran who retires from this area stays around this area mostly due to having made a stable and large group of peers from which they can get support.
8. However there are still many veterans struggling to meet the financial and emotional burdens of everyday life. We have a lower than normal unemployment rate among veterans but we have a growing number of underemployed and even homeless veterans. Many times it is just a hand up rather than a handout they need to get redirected or even started in the right direction. Victory Center Virginia will strive to be the place they can all come together for the benefit of each individual veteran.
9. Let’s provide a short description of each activity:
a. Special Events starts with a ceremony for each veteran coming home whether that is to a permanent civilian status or on leave status. It used to be that a parade would be provided for our veterans but a parade is very short term and does not provide the veteran and/or their family with a true “community” and the sense of belonging to that community. A ceremony helps bring the community to the veteran on a personal level. Each ceremony will be individualized and include family and friends and interested individuals. The basic purpose is to let the veteran know that they are part of the overall community in which they and their family live.
b. Other special events will be seminars on specific topics that directly impact the lives of the veteran and their family. Most of these seminars will be accomplished by other veteran organizations, local colleges and universities and professionals in areas of interest.
c. Victory Center will be managed by an all volunteer staff. A veteran and their family members are always invited to join in the activities as a volunteer as these activities present an ideal opportunity to become involved with others in a common good.
d. The Victory Center will have therapists available to help the veteran and any family member seeking answers to life concerns. Therapy sessions will be available in one or more of the small office spaces for privacy when needed. Other sessions may be for group sessions such as learning how to stretch or to relax.
e. Peer mentors will always be available for a veteran at the Victory Center. One of the greatest things we can do for a veteran is provide another veteran who can help guide them through some of the difficulties of life we all face at one time or another. We hope to be able to expand the mentorship to all family members.
f. As the Victory Center grows and the interaction between the Center and other veteran owned and operated businesses blossoms, we will have more and more opportunities for veterans to find or change jobs. Many times there will be the need for a veteran to search and find education towards doing that new or changing job. The Victory Center will be one of many services available to the veteran to assist them with placement in the proper educational environment. The Victory Center has some ideas for new veteran owned businesses which will be discussed with local veteran owned businesses.
g. The Victory Center retail store will mimic and expand on the online store with military items for sale to the general public. A minimum of 80 per cent of the net proceeds (after cost of goods and retail store operating expenses are paid) are distributed to veterans through the ride share program and other Veteran Organizations providing transportation, family assistance, education, and other needs of the veteran and/or their family.