Preface to The Book of Life

More than four decades ago one of the dearest friends I have ever had the pleasure of knowing gave me a book which I must profess I have never read. The title of that book, not the pages inside, I have thought about nearly every day since I received it: “Your God Is Too Small”.

This title has helped guide me through a myriad of life situations. More than that it has strengthened my relationship with my Creator I chose to call God and has provided me with a spiritual way of living that everyday surprises me with new adventures, new hopes, new dreams and new people to help and love.

I must admit that when I was given this book I had a God I thought had left me alone because of the ways I felt and acted. At that time, I was not an Atheist but most assuredly an Agnostic.  If anything, my God at that time was very small indeed for I would give God no credit for things that went my way and blame God for things I did not get just because I thought they were due to me.

Over these last many decades my God has grown. OK, my concept of my God has grown. I now understand that God has always been there for me. I was never alone except in my own ego driven mind. Once I consistently asked God for help and started to see the positive results of living that type of life, God has grown in statue and my need for guidance and help has gone from a simple belief to faith that God could do great things for everyone else but not for me to a faith the God was actually doing those same great things for me.  The last stage was that of having trust in my God that when I asked for help it would be provided.

The ideas I present in the following writing is also based on another question a new friend of mine asked me one day not long ago. What is Heaven going to be like, really? At about the same time and within days of being asked that question another dear friend put me on to the Christian author Hugh Ross and his Reasons to Believe Ministry. I found some of the answers to the question about Heaven while reading Hugh’s books. Then one day I came upon a new article in a science magazine about Einstein’s “Spooky at a distance” problem and how two scientists had come about trying to prove how particles are intertwined across space and time. Within weeks another article reflected on new evidence that a particle could be intertwined with many other particles.

A thought came to me that perhaps these intertwined particles could be a way we humans’ transverse the boundary between human life and this unknown, but much wished for eternity called Heaven. I must admit at this point that what I have written is not a theory but merely conjecture. Some scientist will probably take out his calculator and computer and prove that this is all impossible. That is fine by me. What I think of what will happen after I pass into my non-human form gives me peace. More than that is the basic fact that my conjectures give a positive and uplifting eternity to look forward to.

I hope that some who read this will ask themselves the same question my friend of long ago asked me “Is Your God Too Small?” My belief is that someone or something is waiting to hear from you and guide you.