Relating “Spooky at a Distance” particles to the books of life.

Remember that I am not a theologian or a scientist. I am a mere human who likes to question and search out answers to those questions. It was not until I read the articles on the 2018 quantum particles being entangled (intertwined) with other particles to the quantity of millions that I began to suspect that they can possibly entangle with many more than mere millions but perhaps even to the quantity of one particle existing for every person to be conceived and every person to have been conceived.
If as I suspect, there is already an original particle for each human being and these particles contain the needed capacity to retain information from our DNA and RNA strands, it would seem that this is identical to the book of life written before all as written down in the Bible.
These first particles are those kept by the cherubs since the beginning of all. These particles have the basic DNA and RNA strands necessary for a human being but lack the information yet to be inscribed in the human particle. Once a human is conceived, and exactly at the moment it is conceived, the entanglement or intertwinement with the original particle is made and the additional portions of the human particle are inscribed. Throughout the life of this specific human being the changes to the DNA and the RNA strands are concisely and immediately passed to the original particle.
Taking a look at the moment of conception of a human being we already know from science that the DNA information for every human being is slightly different because it now contains DNA data from the woman and the man. And though this couple may conceive of more than one child, each will be different in some portion of their DNA strands even if they are identical twins (or more).
Also at the moment of conception this DNA information is entangled with the waiting original particle and thus this new human being from the stage of conception until human death is transcribed forever in the quantum physics entangled book of life.
Now the question of what happens to a human being conceived but not born who tragically dies a human death before birth? The book of life now has enough information on this specific human being so that the decision would seem to be logical and proper and true that this human being spirit will pass along to what we call heaven.
This would also seem to be true of a human being who had never had a deviant experience, thought or action. Each human seems to arrive at this point sometime in their human life. Perhaps it is the moment we start to reason. Whenever it is our reasoning powers are many times not true to what our Creator wants for us. In those moments our RNA memory strands are immediately sent to our original particle where a lifelong transcription is kept. This would seem to help answer the question of what happens to those humans who suffer a loss of their memories due to illness or accident. If all of our RNA memories are immediately intertwined with our original particle and those memories are now kept forever in our original particle, then no matter what happens to our own memories there will be a record of them.
Suddenly it all seems to make sense for if there is indeed a Book of Life written in our original particles, then what the bible tells us about when we might be removed from the book of life and the reason(s) for this occurring are true.
This also makes sense when we look at the difference between the Book of Life and the Lamb’s Book of Life. Perhaps these books are the same book but are being constantly reviewed and analyzed in different ways. The Great Creator looks at our life in terms of the Old Testament whereas the Son of the Great Creator looks at our entry in the book of life in terms of the New Testament.
Now one can perhaps understand why the difference between the books of life. Those who do not have the opportunity to know the Son are judged perhaps only by the terms of the Creator as written in the Old Testament. But those who have had the opportunity to know the Son would have to pass the additional review by the Son as written in the New Testament.
Questions to Ponder.
What about the conceived child who doesn’t get an opportunity to be born?
If our human particle is created the moment of conception, every conceived child has a human particle. Also, at the time of conception, it seems as if that human particle is immediately intertwined with their counter particle. Once those particles are intertwined, the DNA information is passed between them including the information of past generations from whence the particle started. Thus at the moment of conception a human being becomes part of the Cosmos and is never lost.
What about a child who does not reach the age of human reason?
Much the same as the particle of the conceived child, once the particle has been intertwined the DNA information is passed along. So no matter at what human age the child is, the information is already there at both sides. Although I have few memories before the age of 3 that does not mean I have no memories. Inherent in all of us is the ability to feel love from another human being. My sadness comes from the fact that so many no longer get that feeling.
What about the particle of a human who injures or causes the death of another human?
This is perhaps the most intriguing issue of all for it goes into the idea of right and wrong, good and bad, Devil versus God. I tend to think that at the very time a human violates the tenants of “do no harm” their particle undergoes a fundamental change. This is a dangerous idea to struggle with since there always remains the question of a damaged DNA from previous generations, a chemical reaction somewhere along the line, either before birth or after, that causes a mind to change from the norm and spark a deviation in knowing right from wrong. I tend to think that these considerations are already part of our DNA ups and downs. So if that is true, then only those who purposely and consciously do harm to another human will have their particle changed.
Another question then comes up. If a human intentionally harms another and never repents for their crime can they still achieve the joy and happiness of Heaven? My tendency is to think that their particle and their opposite particle have already had the information about their intentional harm noted in their DNA and RNA. I must absolutely believe that repentance of that harm can balance out the harm. However, the fact of the harm and the repentance will be forever part of their particle and opposite particle.
I believe this because the Bible tells me to repent and when I do that I am forgiven. It does not tell me that the original harm is forgotten.