Starting from Adam and Eve

There is not enough room on my computer to address each possibility of the intertwined particles since the beginning of mankind. So this discussion has to be limited to the first generation of humans.
Our Bible tells us that Adam and Eve were the first humans. Let us start there.
God created Adam so it follows that Adam’s particle was also created by God. At the time of that creation Adam’s particle was instantly intertwined with the particle held by one of the Cherubs. Form that moment on until Adam’s death, everything Adam did was captured in his RNA and any changes to his DNA was also captured. For every moment of life Adam’s particle communicated those bits of living to Adam’s particle held by the Cherub. Everything Adam ever saw, touched, felt, or did was recorded in his book of life as contained in the particle held by a Cherub.
Then God created Eve out of the rib of Adam. Again, at the moment of conception or in this case creation by God, Eve’s particle was instantly intertwined with her opposite particle held by a Cherub. And as with Adam every Eve saw, touched, felt or did was records in her book of life as contained in the particle held by the Cherub.
Could it be that the particles held by the Cherubs already contained the basic DNA strand of human kind? If so then at the moment of conception and the instant intertwining of the new human particle, the DNA of Adam was encoded in his DNA and the same for Eve and her DNA.
Now we know that Adam and Eve created other new humans over time. Let us look at just the first one.
At the time of conception of this human being number three, the DNA of Adam and the DNA of Eve merged and a new bit of information unique to this new human was created. That information was also passed instantly to the opposite particle held by a Cherub. Now there are three particles held by Cherubs containing the as lived data of these three humans. Adam’s DNA is still separate from Eve’s DNA except for that information common to both man and woman. As for the offspring of Adam and Eve, his DNA contains information from both Adam and Eve. Part of that information would be the connection between all three humans. That connection information is why we remember past people we have known but more so past relatives, even those we never met.
We now skip forward to the day the first human died and passed from the human form. Up until the very last moment of life everything that was seen, touched, felt or done by that human had been recorded in their book of life held by a Cherub. At death the human particle ceased to exist, so the intertwining of particles also ceased to exist. Now we go into conjecture much of which is held to truth by our Bible.
The Cherub holding the remaining particle of the human instantly knows that the human has died. Who then does the Cherub turn to so the book of life can be read and a judgment made? Our Bible says that God the Father would have read these books of life up until, the time of Jesus. However since God the Father and Jesus are one in the same, does it matter? And of course there is the question of what does the Holy Spirit do at this time? I tend to think that perhaps it is the complete Trinity that does the review of each human life.

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